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The Hospice Benefit for Veterans

CompassionCare Hospice is a proud We Honor Veterans participant in the Las Vegas and Reno communities.

Honoring Veterans at CompassionCare Hospice

Few people would argue that Veterans deserve the utmost respect and care as they go through life. As Veterans age, they often need specialized care that’s difficult to find. For families, it’s a challenge to leave their loved one in the hands of others, especially when they have specific needs associated with their past military service. When you’re looking for premier end-of-life care for a Veteran you love, look no further than CompassionCare Hospice. We are proud to offer an exceptional We Honor Veterans Program, as our personal thank you to the heroes who have so bravely defended our country.

CompassionCare Hospice Pinning Ceremony

CompassionCare Hospice strives to honor each Veteran in meaningful ways. All Veterans receiving hospice services are offered the opportunity to be recognized with a custom Pinning Ceremony”, showcasing the branch specific certificate of recognition, lapel pin, and patriotic memorabilia. Staff, family, and friends are invited to join us to honor our Veterans’ service.

Meeting Veterans' Unique Needs

It comes as no surprise that Veterans need specialized care during their time in hospice. When it comes to Veterans and end-of-life care, the team at CompassionCare Hospice is happy to offer premier healthcare. Many Veteran patients struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or disabilities caused because of combat. Our team works diligently to accommodate these special concerns. We have a wide array of strategies and tools for helping Veterans in hospice care live life to the fullest.

Nationally Recognized for Veteran Care

CompassionCare Hospice is dedicated to providing superior end-of-life care to all Veterans. Our team members are trained to meet the unique needs of Veterans, receiving continuing education and training recognized by the We Honor Veterans Program and the Nevada Hospice Veteran Partnership (HVP)

Reasons to Choose CompassionCare Hospice

Why choose our hospice care for Veterans? Besides our dedication to Veterans’ specific needs, we also strive to maintain excellent care provided by highly-trained staff who are both sympathetic and compassionate toward the plight of their patients. Some things money can’t buy, and that’s a support system with your loved one’s needs in mind. The team at CompassionCare Hospice is committed to creating a stable support system and a friendly atmosphere for all Veterans.

A Focus on Strong Communication

Our commitment to communication is another aspect of our We Honor Veterans Program that sets us apart from the rest. Veterans’ families are also heavily involved when it comes to entering hospice care. Our staff is glad to help those families struggling with the transition, easing them to a peaceful ending with their loved one. Plus, we always work to communicate with each of our patients with the aim of understanding their emotional well-being and how we can help improve it.

Inquire for More Information on Veterans' Hospice Care

If you’re considering hospice care for your love one, CompassionCare Hospice is a premier choice in Nevada. With our We Honor Veterans Program, we strive to create a safe, compassionate space for these heroes to find comfort as they near the end of their life. We understand this is a trying time for our patients and their families alike. Rest assured, our staff is here to offer the emotional support you need. Contact us today to learn more about hospice care for Veterans.

Join our Veterans Volunteer Team!

Veteran-2-Veteran Volunteers

Our Veteran-2-Veteran Volunteer Program pairs a Veteran Volunteer with a Veteran hospice patient. CompassionCare Veteran Volunteers have the unique ability to relate and connect with the patient, therefore creating an environment where life review and spiritual healing may occur.

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Why are Veteran Volunteers important?

Veterans share a common code of conduct. Veteran Volunteers honor this tradition and support life review and healing through this process.
Each Veteran is offered a Veteran-centric service upon admission.
Veteran Volunteers may assist the patient and family by:
  • Providing companionship by participating in life review
  • Assisting with tasks such as writing letters or getting in touch with loved ones
  • Participating in pinning ceremonies
  • Assisting with replacing lost metals of honor
  • Assisting with VA questions

Please note: Veteran volunteers do not perform any hands-on care for the patient.

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