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Request for Proposal (RFP) & Request for Information (RFI)

BrightSpring pursues opportunities in each line of business by responding to public and private sector Requests for Proposal (RFP) & Requests for Information (RFI).

The benefits of partnering with BrightSpring are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained during nearly four decades of providing care to the nation’s most vulnerable populations. BrightSpring responds to requests based on our ability to deliver care to those who need it, and assist them in reaching their highest level of independence, with the resources available to a nationwide provider.

Merger & Acquisition

Many existing providers offer services to the same population of clientele as BrightSpring. We engage potential acquisition and merger candidates in both new, and existing markets whose patrons we can best serve and where financial criteria, geographic range, ease-of-integration and growth potential match our goals.

Management Contracts

As a nationwide company, BrightSpring has the capability to operate an existing for-profit or non-profit organization to ensure the quality of care for patients is always first. BrightSpring can assist in day-to-day operations allowing leadership teams to remain mission-focused. This is most common in cases where a provider finds that certain operations are no longer aligned with the core mission of their organization or in cases where an organization prefers to no longer serve as a provider.

The benefits of partnering with BrightSpring are evident in the knowledge and experienced gained during nearly four decades of providing care to the nation’s most vulnerable populations. With an unsurpassed commitment to quality, we understand our owners’ dedication to clients. BrightSpring selects partners based on our ability to assist those under their care to reach their highest level of independence with the resources available to a nationwide provider.

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We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss our business philosophy, the acquisition process and next steps. Contact us to get the conversation going.

Notice to all BrightSpring Contractors and Agents

Pursuant to section 6032 of the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA), all contractors and agents of BrightSpring must comply with and abide by BrightSpring’s policies for preventing fraud, waste and abuse.

This law applies to any contractor or agent who, on behalf of BrightSpring, furnishes or otherwise authorizes the furnishing of Medicaid health care services, supplies products used in Medicaid health care service delivery, or monitors Medicaid health care services provided by BrightSpring.

Contractors or agents should download and disseminate the following policies to all employees or sub-contractors involved in BrightSpring business activities:

Any questions related to these requirements for BrightSpring contractors and agents should be directed to the BrightSpring Compliance Department:

Rachael Kurzer Givens, CHC
Chief Compliance Officer

Updated October 2019

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