YOLO – Red Ribbon Week

CompassionCare Hospice presents Red Ribbon Week - YOLO- Be Drug Free!

October 23 to October 31st is Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week raises awareness of drug use as well as the problems related to drugs facing our community. The theme this year is YOLO – Be Drug Free! “YOLO” is short for “you only live once” just in case you didn’t know. The theme for Red Ribbon Week was created by 2 sixth graders who submitted their ideas for a contest. Both students had the same idea for the theme after hearing their teacher use the term “YOLO” throughout the year to remind her students they only live once so they should make good decisions. Drug prevention is such an important topic. It is so important to understand how drug use can affect your future. CompassionCare Hospice encourages you to promote a healthy living and a drug-free lifestyle by either wearing or displaying a red ribbon. The red ribbon symbolizes a commitment to expelling drugs off our streets.