Who Makes The Decision? Hospice Care Services

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When Is It Time To Consider A Hospice Care Services Provider?

If you are researching hospice care, you and your family are probably facing some challenging healthcare decisions. We understand that considering hospice care can be a very difficult decision, and can evoke feelings of confusion and uncertainty. CompassionCare Hospice can help you understand the nature of your illness, the likely outcome of the current course of treatment, and what may happen next. The decision to consider hospice care as an option for those with a life-limiting illness is a very personal decision, made by the patient and their family.

With CompassionCare Hospice, you’re in control. Our individualized hospice care plan is developed based on the patient and families’ values and beliefs. With a complete hospice care plan, our specialized physicians, nurses and entire team can assure piece of mind for you and your loved one.

Anyone can request an evaluation for hospice services, to see if they, or a loved one, meet criteria to be eligible for hospice care. An order from a physician is not necessary to start the process. Our team of professionals are here as a support system for you, your family, and those throughout our Las Vegas community.

The Decision is Made by the Patient & Family

Managing Pain and Symptoms Through Hospice Care

Managing Pain and Symptoms Through Hospice Care Services

At any time during a life-limiting illness, it’s appropriate to discuss all careoptions. A patient and their family should feel free to discuss the option of hospice with their physician, or other health care professionals. Ultimately, the decision to elect hospice care is the patient’s.

There are many options here in Nevada for hospice care services. It is important to do your research in finding the best fit for you and your loved-ones. Many communities have more than one hospice choice, and Las Vegas is certainly one of these communities. Medicare requires all certified hospices to provide a basic level of care, but the quantity and quality of services can vary significantly from one hospice provider to another. We suggest you call or meet with several hospices and ask questions about how their services will most benefit your loved one and you as a family.

Initially, a hospice nurse will contact the patient’s primary physician, to see if they agree that hospice care is appropriate for this patient at this time. If you do not have a primary physician, our Medical Directors can help with this step in the referral process. A hospice care nurse should visit and assess the patient within hours, or the same day of the referral. At CompassionCare Hospice we have a 30 minutes response time, so your needs are met promptly. Usually, care can begin the same day, if the patient meets Medicare criteria and chooses to elect hospice care.