When To Consider Hospice

When to Consider Hospice Care

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At some point in your own, or a loved one’s life, a decision may have to be made regarding their healthcare treatments. A decision not about ceasing all care, but about weighing the benefits of a certain course of treatment against the burdens of that treatment. What matters most may not be more time, but the ability to more fully enjoy the time we have with those we love.

This is a good time to consider hospice.

Hospice isn’t about giving up, the focus is on living the best quality of life possible. It’s about coming to terms with a life-limiting illness and focusing on how to live life in the most optimal way possible with a better overall quality. Too often, patients are referred or consider hospice in their last weeks or days. At this point, both patients and families miss out and can’t take full advantage of the entire care and support hospice care services can offer. Hospice care is focused on pain management, comfort, and support of each individual. It is a type of care that meets the unique needs of each person and helps patients and families to make the most of every day.

If treatments are no longer working and are causing more pain and discomfort than they seem to be worth, talk to your doctor about hospice care. Shifting your focus to quality of life, over numerous hospital visits and exhausting treatments, is a step toward hospice.

Individualized Hospice Care Plans

Doctor speaking with his patient about advanced care planning

Doctor speaking with his patient about advanced care planning

CompassionCare can create an individualized plan, just for you, based on your wishes and needs. Hospice care services are not only for our patients, but extend to anyone involved in the patients’ care. Family members, loved ones or caregivers can begin to feel overwhelmed emotionally or physically by providing daily care for their loved one. They may be unsure if they can continue to provide care, or simply may be unable to, without help and support. Hospice professionals can lend this support and guidance, and keep you well informed and well prepared to care for your loved one to the best of your ability.

With hospice care, you remain in control. Our care is provided to you in your home, wherever that may be. You can remain under the care of your own personal physician if you choose and even leave hospice care and return later, if you choose.

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