The Sound of Music

Music is a powerful force. It can evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, or just pure excitement. Learning to play an instrument can have a strong lasting effect on ones mind, body and soul, completely re-shape our brain and how it functions. This is true in any individual at any age. Research suggests that an instrument played on a regular basis can improve our cognitive skills. Those who play music have brains that function different from those who don’t have a musical talent. If we teach our brains something new, whether old or young, we are constantly shaping it.

Music has also proved to help our health-specifically breathing. Wind and brass instruments help us breath properly and help the respiratory system altogether. If you decide to pick up the guitar or piano, chances are your dexterity will improve. Playing a relaxing or soothing song can completely alter your emotional level and can actually even slow your heart rate, it can be a great stress reliever. Song writing along with singing is an added bonus to the many benefits of music. What better way to express your feelings-good or bad.

Playing music helps us bond with others who share the same love. Joining a band, choir, or any other organization that shares their appreciation for music can bring people together. Especially during the holidays. Gather around the piano or sit by the fire with your guitar and make lasting memories with those close to you. Make one of your New Year’s resolutions learning an instrument. The accomplishment you feel from learning this new skill and something you can share with others will make it worth wild.