Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month - CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas, Nevada

“No Stomach for Cancer.”

November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer. It is the 5th most common type of cancer worldwide. It is also the 3rd most common cause of cancer deaths. There are 1 million new cases globally each year. 1 in 111 men or women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Gastric cancer is more commonly seen in men. Most people diagnosed are between their late 60s and 80s. In the United States, stomach cancer is more common in Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders than it is in non-Hispanic whites.

Stomach cancer is difficult to detect; therefore, it is typically diagnosed in late stages. Late stage cancers are harder to treat and cure than earlier stage cancers. Early detection is the key to survival. It can be hereditary. Smoking increases gastric cancer risk. Diets high in smoked foods, salted fish or meats, and pickled vegetables and being overweight or obesity have also been shown to increase one’s risk. The main treatments of gastric cancer are: surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy. The best approach usually uses 2 or more of these treatments.

Knowledge is power. You can help save lives by raising awareness. Education goes a long way. Support efforts to educate people about stomach cancer, including risk factors, prevention, and early detection. Raise funds for gastric cancer research which is severely underfunded.