Signs Your Loved-One Needs Help

As we age changes we experience, both mentally and physically, make our day to day living a bit more difficult. When we start noticing these changes in ourselves or a loved-one, help may be needed in order to remain independent and sustain a better quality of life. Here is some helpful information that can aid you in recognizing when it’s time to ask for assistance.

For those who still remain in their own homes, yard work can be quiet the chore and requires physical stamina-especially as we get older. You may notice an overgrown yard that needs mowing, trees that are untrimmed or dead, pests, or a once beloved garden that is overgrown with weeds. All of these can be signs that help is needed. Same goes for the inside of a persons’ home. Inside maintenance can be just as difficult for someone older as the outside of the home. Piled up dirty dishes, furniture covered in dust, garbage bins overflowing, and laundry stacked are things to take notice of.

Mental confusion and forgetfulness also increase as we age. It may become hard to get simple task done such as paying the monthly bills which can lead to disconnected services needed to function or numerous calls from bill collectors. Changes in hygiene start to diminish as well – unwashed dirty hair, disheveled clothing, or a bad odor from not bathing. We can also see nutritional problems if there is a lack of appetite or no food in the home. Withdraw from normal activities can also be a sign that someone just can’t do for themselves the way they used to. If they stop attending normal gatherings like church or weekly bingo it may indicate illness, depression, or difficulty getting around.

Age can sneak up on all of us, but the key is to be aware of the small signs or issues that someone is having and not to ignore them. Whether its finding other family members to help out, in-home care, or looking at alternative placement for someone who might not be safe living alone, it’s important to find the right care options that meets your needs.