Senior Living & Hospice

The senior living industry has continued to surpass basic health and living options allowing more choices for their residents. We are starting to see more advanced health services in senior living communities and one of these is hospice. Although it was once rare to find assisted and independent living communities that offered things like hospice or memory care, these services are becoming more common by the day. The majority of senior living communities today are prepared to handle and work closely with other health related agencies so that their long-time residents can remain in senior living and not have to move on to a more skilled type of setting-such as a nursing home.

Some of the more advanced services offered today include more help with mobility, incontinence issues, medication management, dietary restrictions and extra support services (hospice) just to name a few. Hospice can be provided to an individual anywhere they call “home” this includes senior living facilities. Hospice support is not only for those on service but the caregivers and staff that are in these senior living communities as well. The hospice team works hand-in-hand with senior living community staff to ensure the hospice patient is receiving all the support they need from the physical to emotional and spiritual as well. Hospice also assists with the daily living skills mentioned above to ensure a person can remain and thrive at home, in the comforts of their own surroundings, for as long as possible.

These types of changes provider a much greater support to seniors, their loved ones, and senior living communities all together. It gives families more options and choice when having to transition a loved one. Both senior living communities and hospice should support and enhance the best quality of life possible.  Both of these services can be adjusted to accommodate a senior and their needs at all times, with hospice in particular, there is no “end date” of services provided. As long as an individual meets medical criteria they may remain on hospice services as long as they’d like. Hospice helps to support those with any progressive, or life-limiting conditions.

If you live in a senior living community or are considering one and have questions about hospice, call CompassionCare today.