Senior Detachment

Hospice Care

We all have those moments of loneliness from time to time, maybe some more than others. Surprisingly, the feeling of being alone is a struggle many seniors face. Senior detachment is unfortunately on the rise and can lead to many health issues like depression and can even have physical effects such as heart disease. Senior detachment is something we should be aware of, it’s important for seniors to feel like they have a purpose and meaning in life. This helps them to thrive and remain joyful.

Here are some tips according to a blog on a to help combat senior isolation.

  1. Promote a sense of purpose: Keeping up with hobbies, interests and even volunteering can help keep a positive mindset. Staying engaged with others is important so the individual doesn’t become isolated and alone all the time.
  2. Access to transportation: This allows seniors to be able to participate in community programs and resources offered for them. Many seniors don’t drive so being able to get around somehow, whether its getting rides or using public transportation, helps them to remain somewhat independent.
  3. Pets: Looking after something provides purpose. Pet therapy can actually lower blood pressure and anxiety.
  4. Community Involvement: This gets seniors out of their home and out meeting new people. It breaks up their routine and adds something to look forward to.
  5. Exercise: This alone reduces stress and releases endorphins. Enough said.
  6. Regular Checkups: No one likes going to the doctor, but part of health living is being aware and addressing any issues that may come up. It’s important to at least make your annual visits.
  7. Interests / Eating: We said this before but keeping up hobbies provides for great social interaction and enjoyment. Also, having meals with others-mealtimes are a social time when people get together to share stories and enjoy the meal they are having.
  8. Family/Friend Interaction: This promotes happiness and well-being. It’s a vital part of a seniors life, visiting and spending time with family and friends offers emotional connections and human interaction.