March Is American Red Cross Month

Red Cross volunteers helping disaster victims

March has been recognized American Red Cross month since 1943.

Doctor holding Red Cross logo on heart

Red Cross Logo

The American Red Cross brings help and hope to those in need whether it be through monetary donations, blood donations, and/or volunteer work. Be an everyday hero. The Red Cross helps disaster victims recoup, donates blood to help hospital patients, brings a little hope to injured servicemen away from home, and offers lifesaving classes. They are a non-for-profit organization that depend on volunteers and the generosity American public to carry out its mission of help and hope. CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas would like to bring awareness to this great cause. The American Red Cross is able to respond to community disasters every 8 minutes. They also believe it is great to have emergency plans at home. All family members should be aware of these plans. The courses provided show you how to assist someone having a heart attack or to save a drowning child. These are lifesaving skills. They also believe members of the military, veterans, and their families at home should have access to 24-hour support. The American Red Cross is also able to provide 14,000 units of blood for the country’s need. March is a great time to become part of the Red Cross.