Making the Right Choice

Depending on your location there could be one or several hospices in your community. If you live in Nevada your options are abundant and making the right choice for you and your loved one can become stressful. Hospice is compassionate care focused on comfort and quality of life. It’s care is unique to each individual. Understanding hospice prepares patients and loved ones for what is ahead. There are common questions for individuals and loved ones facing life-limiting illnesses that can help lead you toward the right choice.

Determining if a hospice is right for you may best be learned from calling different hospices and asking them about their services.

Is the hospice Medicare certified? Has the hospice been surveyed by a state or federal oversight agency in the last 5 years? (ask about surveys and  deficiencies noted). Is the hospice accredited by a national organization? This is a good place to start in helping you make the right choice. Finding out if the hospice provides care at home or in a home-like skilled setting is important to know too. If the care is heavy and there are symptoms uncontrolled how are these handled by the hospice team?  Will hospice members come to the home if there’s a crisis morning, noon or night? Hospice staff can be reached 24/7 by phone however some offer only limited support after-hours or weekends. To ensure your loved one is receiving excellent care and attentive visits, how many patients are assigned to each staff nurse and certified nursing assistant?

It’s important to know that hospice not only supports the patient, but family members, caregivers and loved ones as well. You should never feel rushed in making the right choice when it comes to hospice care, there are many options and research should be done to find the best fit for yourself and your family. Take a look at our Hospice Knowledge section for more information and answers to common questions or give us a call today to speak with our Admissions Team members!