Looking for Volunteers!

More than 1 million people and their families are under the care of hospice each year. The focus of hospice is that each person has the right to pass pain-free, with dignity, compassion, and respect. The hospice team provides the necessary support to make sure this happens for each and every patient.

CompassionCare Hospice relies on the help of our volunteers to provide support to our patients and families in need. As a hospice volunteer you are given choices as to what you are comfortable in helping with. Some typical examples are: reading/talking with patients, playing cards or games, providing emotional support and companionship, running errands, or light housekeeping to mention a few.

Volunteers are never asked or expected to do something they are not comfortable with. Proper training is provided to all volunteers to ensure they are comfortable with tasks set for them. Volunteers are matched with patients and families who are the best fit and boundaries are set and established before volunteering begins. Anyone with a genuine desire to help and share time with others is encouraged to volunteer with CompassionCare Hospice! By becoming a volunteer you become an integral part of the hospice team. Close and special relationships are often formed with patients and families, many that carry on for years. There is a huge sense of fulfillment to be gained.

Anyone interested can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tamara, at 702-636-0200.