Living Well Until the End

For those with a life limiting illness, fighting your hardest to live on can make living itself too difficult. Sometimes the question is no longer “What else can be done?” but “How do I want to live now?” Today there are better ways to confront and cope with┬áserious illnesses, no matter how dire the diagnosis. Even in the face of a serious disease or advanced age, there’s hope.

We all want more time, but while advanced medical care can do many things for those with life-limiting illnesses, it can also become counter-productive. It’s important to talk with your doctor about your diagnosis and expectations moving forward. If what matters most is spending quality time with family and loved-ones you may want to ask about hospice. With hospice care, the goal is for individuals to live as well as possible for as long as possible. As people get sicker, treatments may not help you live longer. They can actually shorten your life. Hospice is centered on palliative care which is the management of pain and symptoms so that every moment can be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Hospice attends, with compassion and respect to the whole patient-physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Having a plan is important and will help you address your own personal wishes with family members. With hospice, you’re in control. You decide what type of care you’ll receive and that care is provided by a team of dedicated health professionals in your own home-wherever that may be. You can even leave hospice care and return later, if you choose. If your health continues to worsen despite aggressive treatments, consider hospice. Talk with your physician today and ask for an evaluation. CompassionCare can help you create an individualized plan based on your own wishes and needs. Call us for more information. 702-636-0200.