Levels Of Hospice Care

The Four Levels of Hospice Care - CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas, Nevada

Hospice Care Levels – CompassionCare Hospice of Nevada

Upon your admission, we will create an individualized Plan of Care based on your own needs and wishes. You can expect regular visits to your home, around-the-clock access, medical and spiritual guidance, and education about your condition and health care options.

Our Registered Nurses make regular home visits to assist with pain and symptom management, and our Certified Nursing Assistants, Social Workers and other team members visit as needed. Nurses are also available anytime by phone to help patients and caregivers through a crisis.

The Four Individual Levels Of Hospice Care

Routine Home Care is the most common level of hospice care. Intermittent visits by hospice team members to assist in management and care of the hospice patient.

Continuous Care (Crisis Care): CompassionCare offers unique expertise in continuous care (crisis care), which is for in-home patients who require skilled nursing care to control their pain and other symptoms. Our Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants stay with the patient for longer periods of time, day or night, as needed. Not every patient will need crisis care, but knowing it’s available can provide important peace of mind to patients and caregivers. Visit our Crisis Care Team page to learn about this team of individuals.

Respite Care: Even the most committed caregiver occasionally needs a break. CompassionCare hospice can transfer a patient to one of our inpatient contracted facilities for temporary care relief for caregivers. Contact us for more details.

General Inpatient Hospice Care: For pain control and symptom management that cannot effectively be provided in other settings. It is usually of a short-term nature and provided in a skilled nursing facility.