Let’s Talk About Hospice

You may or may not have heard about hospice care before, in fact, most people have not. It’s a subject that gets avoided constantly and unless faced with an unexpected crisis, almost always never talked about. Some understand the basics but many believe the numerous misconceptions, such as:

“It’s for dying people.”

“They provide counseling and other stuff as well as medicine.”

“Old people go there to die. There is no hope for them, basically.”

While there is some truth to these statements clarification is needed. Hospice isn’t just for “dying people.” Hospice is about LIVING and celebrating life.¬†Hospice patients are living with a terminal illness, and ensuring their comfort and quality of life is what hospice is all about. Anyone with a progressive, life-limiting illness or condition may be appropriate to receive hospice care.

“They provide counseling and other stuff as well as medicine.” It is true that all medications relating to a patients hospice diagnosis are covered as well as counseling-but there’s so much more! Medical equipment & supplies, physician visits, nursing/cna care, social workers, volunteers, chaplains, and grief support¬†are all readily available-not just for the patient but for family members and caregivers too. Hospice treats each person as a whole-physically, mentally, and spiritually and is there for loved-ones.

Hospice is not a place but rather a concept of care. Most times hospice services are provided to a patient and their family wherever they call “home.” It’s not a place “old people go to die.” Home can be a private residence, assisted living, skilled nursing facility, or a group home. Hospice care is compassionate care focused on comfort. Remember, even in the face of a serious illness or advanced age, there is hope. Understanding hospice better prepares patients and families for what’s ahead.

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