Lets Talk About Hospice Care

Hospice Care - Nursing Home Visit

Hospice care is about living.

Sometimes the question for those with a life-limiting illness is no longer “What else can be done?” but “How do I want to live now?” What matters most may not be more time, but the ability to more fully enjoy the time we have with those we love. With hospice, you are in control.

Hospice care can be a very hard choice. The first step is to talk with your family and physician. You, your family, and physician can decide what type of care is best for you. Hospice care may be provided in your home, in a hospital, in an assisted-living facility, or in a nursing home. We have found that our patients prefer to be in familiar environments. This helps with the anxiety, confusion, and depression that can be expected. With CompassionCare Hospice, you can leave hospice care and return later if you choose.

Hospice may be appropriate for those with any progressive, life-limiting illness or condition. Cancer is not the only illness seen. Hospice is centered on palliative care, which is the management of pain and symptoms so that every moment can be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Not only do hospice patients experience a better quality of life, they sometimes actually live longer than they would with conventional care. That means extra weeks or months that you could have with family and friends. Remember, even in the face of a serious disease or advanced age, there is hope.