Hospices Now Offering Legacy Therapy

Reflecting on memories and things we did throughout our lifetime is something most everyone does as they near the end. We can look at pictures, listen to particular songs, or tell stories to recall the past. Hospice services offer support to patients and families for these particular types of things-some now adding “Legacy Therapists” to their list of professional staff members.

The point of this particular service is coaxing out a patient’s most intimate memories and threading them into a last story (also called a life review) that can be recorded for family and friends. This new type of therapy offers a way to ease the pain of facing death, without drugs or medication. A patient is asked a series of numerous questions they must give answers to by the hospice chaplain or social worker and a psychologist. Many individuals are faced with feelings of isolation as they come closer to the end, they become more resistant in asking for help from family and loved-ones. This new service helps with these struggles.

The Legacy Therapists analyze and pick out parts of a patients story that have to do with meaning, purpose, and relationships so that they can leave behind the legacy they want. When people pass before they can share their story or fond memories-those things don’t get remembered-they pass along with the individual. This therapy allows families to talk about things they’ve never talked about before, to express what they mean to one another, and to say what they want to say before it’s too late.

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