Hospice Work Isn’t “Scary”

Hospice can be a scary word for patients, families, and those that don’t fully understand it. After patients & families receive all of the services, support, and education that comes along with hospice, they begin to see that the once “scary” word is no longer scary. They begin to see that hospice is about living. Living the rest of your life with quality and dignity.  It’s about looking for ways to support our loved ones and patients and helping them fulfill whatever it is that’s most important to them.

A hospice team treats the whole person-including spiritual and emotional needs along with the physical.  The hospice team also offers counseling, grief support and family/caregiver support too. Hospice care is provided by a core group of professionals (physicians, nurses, counselors, and therapists) and it also offers volunteers who can offer extra services such as pet therapy, socialization, music/singing, massage therapy and more. Every person’s role within the hospice team is vital, for both the patient and their families. With hospice you’re in control.

Click on the link below to get a physicians perspective on hospice.

This is why hospice work is so fulfilling