Hospice Volunteers Play Important Role

A hospice team treats a whole person-physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hospice isn’t just about managing pain, it shows patients how to best cope with an illness while also supporting family and loved ones involved too. Hospice care is provided by a core group of professionals and also includes the help of volunteers.  These individuals are trained to help provide a variety of support to patients and families while providing companionship but also respecting the individual’s rights to privacy and autonomy.

Volunteers often serve as a liaison to family who can’t be there for whatever reason. If a caregiver has their own medical appointments to get to, weekly household chores and duties to get done, or they simply just need a break-a volunteer can step in and relieve someone in these instances. Volunteers however do not transport patients around, provide direct nursing care, accept compensation or function as a primary caregiver. Compassion is the key in hospice volunteering. You can establish a close relationship with family members and patients, some volunteers after a while start to feel like an actual  part of the family-it can really enrich the lives of everyone involved. Volunteers can visit any time they want or are available, unless a particular time is requested by the patient or family, it is based on availability. Volunteers provide patient support and socialization including music therapy, pet therapy, reading, praying, singing, or just visiting with each other. Before beginning volunteer service, hospice volunteers are often provided with adequate training which prepares them for their role as a hospice volunteer and ways in which they will be assisting patient, families and caregivers.

A part of what makes hospice volunteers so valuable, and such impactful members of a patient’s care team, is the unique life perspective and personality they offer. By being a hospice volunteer, you can gain great personal satisfaction and growth from knowing that you have made an impact in another person’s life. Hospice volunteers help provide patients and families with compassionate care and support during the end-of-life process.

CompassionCare Hospice always welcomes those interested in volunteering, for more information please contact or Volunteer Coordinator at 702-636-0200