Hospice Supports Those at Home

Living with a serious illness or caring for a loved one who is seriously ill can be one of life’s most challenging times. Many people are surprised to learn hospice is intended for weeks and months of care, not just for the last days of someone’s life. People are also under false pretenses that hospice is a place you go, when in fact, it’s a concept of care that comes directly to you, in your own home.

It’s not unusual for people to express a desire to age, and pass, in the comfort of their homes rather than in a hospital setting. The benefits of receiving hospice at home extend beyond just one’s personal preference. A study done at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, found that terminally ill cancer patients who received palliative care in their homes tended to survive longer than those who are were the hospital. A total of 462 patients actually died at home, and the remaining 1,607 patients died in a hospital throughout this study conducted from 2012-2014.

Patients and families are concerned that the quality of medical treatment provided at home will be lesser to that given in a hospital and life expectancy is shortened even more; however, patients and their loved-ones should be reassured that home hospice care does not shorten one’s life, it can actually extend it by weeks, even months. Not only is there a better quality of life in being cared for at home, but hospice also offers support and education to the patient’s caregivers. Being home with hospice can help ease your burdens in many ways. The entire professional hospice team is on hand to assist a patient and their family at home 24/7 where you are comfortable and surrounded by those you love. So, if you or a loved one has decided that multiple hospital visits and exhausting treatments are no longer an option, consider hospice.

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