Hospice is About Living

When you or a loved one suffers from a life-limiting illness, your world can be turned upside down. While advanced medicine can do wonders for people with advanced diseases, sometimes it can become counter-productive and exhausting. There may come a point when what matters most may not be more time, but the ability to more fully enjoy the time we have with those we love. Hospice can help. Hospice is about living.

Hospice care is right for those who want to remain in control of the care they receive. Anyone with a progressive, life-limiting illness or condition can qualify for hospice. A dedicated team of health professionals provide quality care to patients’ right in their own homes, or wherever assistance is needed. The hospice team treats the whole person – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hospice is also mindful of caregiver’s and family members, providing vital support and education so that they are well-prepared to care for their loved-one to the best of their ability.

Even in the face of a serious disease there is hope. With pain and symptoms carefully managed, patients can experience a better quality of life. In fact, once patients and their families experience hospice, they often say they wish they’d know about it sooner.

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