Hospice Holiday Help

The value of hospice volunteers cannot be overstated. The spirit of hospice volunteering comes from a genuine desire to give support, peace, and comfort to patients, caregivers, and families during their end of life journey. Hospice volunteers have a tremendous impact on the lives of the patients that they serve along with the hospice team members. There are many individuals without family or loved ones around and that can be hard enough, let alone around the holiday season. If you’re looking to give back this year or want to get involved helping others in 2017-hospice is something to consider.

CompassionCare Hospice volunteers provide companionship and emotional support while respecting our patients individual rights to privacy and autonomy. Volunteers can provide assistance with various tasks and also provide much needed social interaction. Whether it’s going into an individuals home, assisted living or skilled nursing facility, volunteers often make meaningful connections with our patients and families. Volunteers listen to patients and families validating and supporting their feelings. We also support family members and caregivers by looking after their loved ones while they run errands, make their own doctor appointments, or simply want a few hours to themselves. Volunteers can read to patients, play cards/board games with them, work puzzles, or watch a favorite tv show together. We also welcome any special talents you have and would like to share with others, such as, playing an instrument, signing, massage therapy or pet therapy that can be offered.

Before becoming a volunteer, individuals are provided training-learning the hospice philosophy and understanding the services offered by CompassionCare and how to communicate with patients, their families, and friends. While hospice volunteers have a tremendous impact on the lives of those they help, they also experience a great appreciation for life and what is important.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, call us today! 702-636-0200