Hospice Communication

Hospice communcation - CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas, Nevada

Through effective communication, a hospice worker can help your loved one the most effectively and efficiently.

The hospice nurse is in a specialized position, since he or she is often involved in all segments of a patient’s life during this time. They see both what is happening with the patient emotionally, with their families, as well as what is happening “behind the scenes” with medical tests, doctor consultations, etc. This makes the nurse one of the most integral pillars to the entire hospice care method of treating patients using the palliative care practice. When the patient is feeling overwhelmed, it is often this nurse that can come in and help them. This nurse can offer spiritual and emotional support to the patient, as well help them overcome other psychological stressing news and situations. The nurse can also communicate with others on the team more specialized in emotional and spiritual support of the need.

Because of the nurse’s specialized role in being so close with the patient, they can over time learn the culture, belief systems, values and desires of their patient. This allows them to give even more specialized care for the patient, offering an even higher level of comfort to the patient as they go through this situation. CompassionCare Hospice is here to provide you with hope and compassion. This is all part of the hospice care method, and nurses play a pivotal role in offering this much needed support through communication, emotional support, and friendship with the patient. CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas understands communication is key.