Grieving the Loss of A Loved One

Releasing a white dove as a memorial

Letting go is not an easy task. Grieving the loss of a loved one doesn’t happen overnight, you will experience many emotions along the way; anger, sadness, joyful moments recalling the good times you shared with a loved one, etc. Moving forward and ultimately surrendering your grief can seem unthinkable at times but it’s a necessary process you must go through to once again be whole.

Some initial/normal reactions to the loss of someone may be: numbness/ helplessness, inability to function normally, decreased energy and guilt (that we should have done something different) or fogginess, and forgetfulness. There is hope and we can find life after grief, once you have moved through your grief there are days that await without daily pain and a rollercoaster of emotions. Grieving is our internal thoughts and feelings that result from the loss of someone dear to us while mourning is the external expressions of our thoughts and feelings.

When grief is expressed it moves the energy in our body and can help decrease physical and emotional symptoms. Tears and screaming or yelling out your anger is ok and normal. Talking out loud to ourselves or someone else about how we’re feeling helps our brain process the loss. Keeping busy with physical activity is also good and therapeutic. It is important to take responsibility for your own life in realizing you are no longer responsible for your loved one. Change your way of thinking, be positive in how you speak and think of yourself. Having a positive attitude will sustain you on this new path. You can also try new things. Without a loved one, we become a new person too, things change. Learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby, or travel to new places. Set new goals that you can begin to work towards each day, these will keep you focused in moving forward. One of the best things you can do is help someone else go through what you’ve gone through, not only will it be rewarding in helping others, but you will also be frequently reminded of how far you have come in your own healing.

There are support groups that are available should you need them. With hospice in particular, bereavement services are offered to family and loved ones up to 13 months after someone passes. We are here to help support you in moving forward and dealing with life after the loss of someone dearly loved. CompassionCare Hospice also holds an annual memorial service-not only for our patients that have passed on but anyone who would like their loved one remembered. This is another great tool to use in moving on.

For more information or details about our memorial service call us today.