Having Good Balance Is Important!

Good Balance with CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas

Having good balance means being able to control and maintain your body’s position while you are moving or remaining still.

The part of the inner ear responsible for balance is the vestibular system. The vestibular system is sometimes called the labyrinth. The labyrinth interacts with other systems in the body, such as the eyes, bones, and joints to equally distribute the body’s weight to remain upright and steady. Good balance is important to help you get around, stay independent, and carry out daily activities. Independence is a big thing for seniors. Balance problems are among the most common reasons that older adults seek help from a doctor. As you get older, many people experience problems with their sense of balance. Vertigo is the feeling that you or the things around you are spinning. Spinning is a common symptom with balance problems. Balance disorders are one reason older people fall. Falls and fall-related injuries can have a serious impact on an older person’s life. If you fall, it could limit your activities or make it impossible to live independently. Many people often become more isolated after a fall. Canes can be used to help with balance. Walkers can help with mobility as well. CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas knows how serious problems with balance are.