Go Purple for Alzheimer’s

If you are living with dementia or have a loved one suffering from this disease, remember that you are not alone. Approximately 1 in every 2 families are dealing with this life-limiting illness but it’s possible to live well with Alzheimer’s by seeking out support from family, friends, and hospice services. Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of dementia and accounts for 65% of dementia’s worldwide – November is National Alzheimer’s Month. Caring for a loved one can be challenging but it is important too that caregivers look after themselves as well. Hospice supports both the patient and their caregiver along with family members and loved ones.

During Alzheimer’s month it is important to bring light to what many are dealing with. For most diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, symptoms can go undiagnosed for close to 7 years, during this time lesions spread through the brain and start causing irreparable damage. Today, individuals are going undiagnosed far too late to have effective treatments. Many physicians believe that memory loss is a normal part of aging-it is not. People will resist medical attention in early stages of memory loss because they are misinformed and believe Alzheimer’s can’t be treated at all. With early interventions, treatment can be effective, still today there is no cure for this disease. A healthy diet, exercise and maintaining good vascular health can sometimes alter the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Much has been learned through research over the past 20 years, some very promising drugs are actually in FDA clinical trials today. Hopefully soon, better treatments will be discovered.

Dementia friendly communities are becoming more and more popular. It is important people are educated on this subject to help provide stronger support networks for those living with or being affected by this disease. For more information on Alzheimer’s/dementia, CompassionCare and hospice, give us a call today at 702-636-0200.

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