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CompassionCare encourages you to discuss the hospice alternative with your patients as part of a continuum of care throughout each patient’s life.

Hospice offers hope to people with progressive, life-limiting illnesses that don’t respond to curative treatments. Our expertise in palliative care and comprehensive, team-based approach provide both pain and symptom control and family support that other physicians and clinics can’t match.

A hospice referral does not end your doctor-patient relationship. We encourage our hospice patients to retain their personal physicians. We also consult with you on each patient’s Plan of Care and coordinate our services with yours.

To begin the process, call CompassionCare at 702-636-0200 and request an evaluation.

Medicare criteria for care.

Hospice services for terminally ill patients are covered under Medicare Part A. The patient must be Medicare-eligible and be certified by the attending physician and the hospice medical director as having less than six months to live.

The patient (or other responsible party) must choose hospice — that is, the patient and family must agree that care will be centered on comfort and quality of life. Also, hospice services must be provided by a Medicare-approved program.

A CompassionCare Hospice referral specialist can help you determine whether a patient meets these criteria and will benefit from hospice services.