Finding The Right Fit in a Caregiver

Most seniors today prefer to age in place, but when their health starts to decline and they need immediate or sudden help, we as family members may be faced with the critical decision of whether or not to start providing the care they need. Lots of family members end up becoming a caregiver to a loved one, but the demands that caregiving has makes it difficult for many to step into this role. If you are seeking help for your loved one, there are qualifications you’ll want to be certain your caregiver has. Not only do you want the skills and experience of a trained caregiver, but someone who is understanding and is the best match for your family member.

Substantial caregivers are sensitive to others’ requests, they are compassionate, and patient people-they truly enjoy helping others. To have peace of mind in your selection, you need to make your expectations known. Be specific with what it is that you foresee the caregiver doing for your loved one, so there is no uncertainty in the care being provided. For example, does your family member suffer from cancer, dementia, or Parkinson’s or do they need specific help with tasks like cooking, bathing, or running errands. It’s also important that your caregiver and loved one have similar interests and can get along. Ask about the caregiver’s hobbies, desires, etc. to see if they are compatible with your family member. Remember, a huge bulk of time will be spent with each other and you want to make sure both individuals are comfortable with one another.

There are companies, agencies, and networks available to assist families in finding a reputable caregiver. Look for verification of credentials and take into consideration ratings and reviews of their past caregiving experiences to help you find the right fit. Click on the link below for more information and helpful tips regarding in-home care.

If you or your loved one qualifies for hospice services, CompassionCare supports our patient’s family and caregivers throughout the entire hospice journey. For more information on our services, call us today.