Finding Hope in Hospice

Surrounded by myths and misconceptions, hospice remains a misunderstood service that people still can’t grasp. The word itself has a negative connotation because many feel it means “giving up” when actually it means much more than this. There is hope in hospice. Hospice is aggressive in pain and symptom management-just not aggressive treatments. Everything is done to keep a patient as comfortable as possible while providing them with the best quality of life possible.

Care goes beyond just the patient to include family, loved-ones and caregivers. The hospice team helps to develop a collaborative plan of care that includes emotional support, spiritual support, and well-being. The patient and family are guided every step of the way through the hospice process. Even though there may be no hope for a cure to a life-limiting illness or disease, that doesn’t mean a situation is hopeless. When a patient’s symptoms are carefully managed and they are able to remain at home in familiar surroundings with loved-ones, they often say they wish they’d known about hospice sooner. Those under hospice supervision can also actually live longer than they would with conventional care.

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