Families Approve of Hospice Care

Families of terminal cancer patients may be more satisfied with the end-of-life treatment their loved ones receive when it involves hospice care. Researchers examined interview data from 1,970 family members of deceased cancer patients. These patients had either advanced lung or colorectal cancer, and roughly half had received hospice care according to an article in Health News.

If your health progressively worsens and stopping treatment and hospital visits are a decision that you have made, you may want to consider hospice. Hospice is centered on palliative care, which is the management of pain and symptoms so that every moment can be as comfortable as possible. With hospice, you’re in control. Not only do patients experience a better quality of life, they can sometimes actually live longer than they would with conventional care.

Hospice may be appropriate for those with any progressive, life-limiting illness or condition, not just cancer. Hospice treats each person as a whole-not only just the physical needs but emotional and spiritual needs as well. Services provided also offer caregivers and family member’s vital support and education. We can ease burdens in many ways. The hospice team of professionals will make sure that you’re fully informed and well-prepared for what’s to come. Most importantly, those receiving hospice care can do so right at home, where you can remain with family and loved ones.