Congestive Heart Failure

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 5.8 million people are living with Congestive Heart Failure – also known as CHF. Close to 700,000 people are diagnosed with this disease each year and the most common causes are coronary artery disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease. Hospice may be appropriate for those with this progressive, life-limiting condition, if it’s in advanced stages.

Our heart which acts as a pump that receives blood into our bodies can fail at times affecting other major parts. When this happens a person is diagnosed with CHF. The lungs, legs, and arms can fill with fluid causing dizziness, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat. Under the care of hospice, a team of professionals develops a treatment plan based on each individual’s needs to address these issues. Those eligible and who use hospice to help cope with their congestive heart failure get assistance with pain/acute symptom management, experience fewer ER trips, and have an overall better quality of life.

To be hospice appropriate a physician must certify that a person has six months or less to live, should the congestive heart failure run it’s natural course. If you or a loved-one have been experiencing chest pain, history of cardiac arrest, problems sleeping, or a decline in your physical activity you may want to consider hospice. With CompassionCare Hospice, you remain in control. You can also remain under the care of your personal physician while on service and sign off at any time to pursue alternative treatments if desired. We are available for your support 24 hours a day to help keep you at home, wherever that may be.

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