CompassionCare Hospice Introduces the Kubi

CompassionCare Hospice Kubi device

CompassionCare Hospice Kubi device

CompassionCare Hospice has recently partnered exclusively with HartRobotics to introduce a new way for families to stay in touch with their loved ones .  The “Kubi” uses a smart device (tablet) to allow face to face communication with loved ones, 24 hours a day, with access from anywhere in the world.  This technology gives a sense of peace to family that can’t be present physically with their loved one on our hospice services.  You can be virtually present with your loved one at a moments notice; to check in on them, remind them to take their medications or enjoy a morning cup of coffee together.  CompassionCare Hospice knows that hospice involves not only the patients well-being, but also their family and loved ones well-being, as well.  Imagine being at your office, across town or across the county, and being able to see your loved one in real time, to offer encouragement, ensure their safety and have peace of mind, knowing they are receiving the best care possible.

The device is HIPPA compliant, patient privacy is always protected, this is not a recording device.  It does not store any information or images.  The Kubi is easy to use, with unlimited access to any number of family members, loved ones and friends.

HartRobotics is offering CompassionCare Hospice patients a free trial with a Kubi.  Set up and delivery is hassle free, they will deliver and set-up your device within 48 hours.  Customer support is available 24/7.

Call 702-787-6575 for more information, and to request a free trial today. You can also contact CompassionCare Hospice at 702-636-0200 or visit