Our Crisis Care Team

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CompassionCare Hospice – Crisis Care Team

People in hospice want to spend as much time as possible at home, with the people who love them and will care for them. CompassionCare Hospice has established a specialized Crisis Care Team that can step in to help our hospice patients avoid another hospital stay.

Our highly skilled nurses provide intensive patient care in the home, remaining as long as necessary to relieve the caregiver and manage the patient’s worsening symptoms. CompassionCare is recognized as a leader in crisis care in Southern Nevada.

Crisis care is one of four levels of hospice care we provide. At each level, we support you and your caregiver throughout your time in hospice.

Upon your admission, we will create an individualized Plan of Care based on your own needs and wishes. You can expect regular visits to your home, around-the-clock access, medical and spiritual guidance, and education about your condition and health care options.

Meet our Crisis Care Team