Brain Power

As we age it is important that we continue to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally. Our brain needs a good workout just as our bodies do. Exercising the brain helps improve our memory, concentration and overall intelligence, as well as, sharpening our decision making, and the ability to better remember facts, dates, and special memories. Keeping our minds active also helps in fighting against depression and emotional issues. Studies have shown that those 65+ who have consistent mental stimulation improve their brains function significantly.

There are many different ways for us to engage our minds. Learning something new is a good place to start! Pick up a new hobby, join a new class or learn a new language. Physical exercise can also play an important role in our brain function. Exercises that require concentration such as Pilates or yoga are great stimulants, the repetitions of the movements along with concentrating on the exercise itself can really get our brains going. Participate in activities that require coordination (like dancing). Reading is another great way to keep the brain active and also expand our vocabulary.

Just as our bodies become weaker when not taken care of, our brains experience the same thing. We lose our “brain power” over time when it isn’t exercised and cared for. Keeping your brain active, whichever way you chose to do so, can lead to a longer and clearer mental state. Challenge yourself mentally as much as possible, especially as you age. Our brains can continue to grow and expand as long as we make a conscious effort in caring for it.