Benefits of Social Media For Seniors

When the word social media is brought up in conversation most people think about a younger generation, not seniors. Three years ago the number of people who used social media over the age of 65 was under 10%. Times are changing! Surprisingly there are health benefits to seniors who use social media regularly.

Our minds stay engaged when we use social media and this helps for better memory. Older adults are challenged by today’s new technology and this forces the mind to keep up with what’s going on. Research has shown that less depression occurs and seniors experience a higher satisfaction in life when engaged on social media. Public networks also allow seniors the opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends who may be far from them. The ability to be in close contact with them, say, by looking at pictures on Facebook, has shown to have positive effects on a senior’s stress level. Social sites can even actually lead to keeping someone physically active. Seeing photos or videos of others doing exciting or new activities makes a person want to get out and do things too! Staying active is one of the best ways seniors can stay healthy.

Social media for seniors may seem insignificant to many of us, but it really does have the ability to emphatically affect health and the loved-ones in our lives who are aging. Some may find it a bit difficult to navigate their way through social networking sites, but figuring out proper etiquette can be even trickier. Click on the link below for some helpful hints on safety and good manners.

Social Media Etiquette for Seniors