Become A Volunteer With Us!

Senior woman walking with the help of a daughter

Hospice volunteers are essential when putting together a hospice team. Medicare guidelines require hospice organizations to have and utilize volunteers in addition to their paid employees, volunteers help to support hospice staff and also relieve caregivers. They make scheduled visits as needed based on their availability and willingness. They are unpaid, yet can be priceless.

Many people imagine themselves becoming volunteers, making a difference for people somehow in their lives. Hospice volunteering often isn’t thought of though. Some people are afraid they don’t have what it takes to be in hospice. They are afraid to “watch someone pass away” or have the misconception that all a hospice volunteer does is “sit with someone during their last hours”. Although our volunteers can be with someone during their final hours, if they choose, there is so much more to volunteering with hospice.

At CompassionCare Hospice our volunteers also provide companionship as well as emotional, social, and spiritual support. Some patients enjoy playing cards, board games or puzzles. Others enjoy music, reading from the Bible or praying with someone. Some hospices can have therapy dogs that go out with their owners to make regular visits to hospice patients. Volunteers can also be vital to caregivers by relieving them of their caregiving responsibilities so that they can take care of themselves too (running errands, personal appointments, lunch dates with friends, etc.). If you are caring, compassionate and have a true desire to help others, becoming a hospice volunteer may be the perfect for you.

Click on the link below for a hospice volunteers testimonial of why volunteering in hospice can be an amazing experience!

**CompassionCare Hospice is always accepting new volunteers. If interested please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Janine at 702-636-0200 for more information. Must be 18 +years old.