Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services are a great option for both a senior who still lives at home and their caregiver. This type of program allows the participant an opportunity to get out of the home and around others for companionship, while being provided with assistance and supervision during the day. It allows a caregiver time to themselves to relax or take care of their own needs. Understanding this resource can greatly benefit you and your loved one.

Adult day services, also known as adult daycare, are typically run during normal business hours. An adult day service can take place in its own building or be located within a senior center, nursing facility, or church. Most adult day services provide activities and meals throughout the day, but there are some programs that go a step further and offer comprehensive health care services and therapy. Other centers focus on specific, specialized care for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other mental illnesses.

Enrolling your loved one in adult services can be an alternative to having to move them permanently to a long-term care facility. In addition to the socialization and friendships they will build, it can become a safe and familiar place for them to also receive healthcare services. Knowing that your family member is being taken care of allows the caregiver a much needed break, allowing them to care for their loved one for a longer period of time at home. Some also use this opportunity as a chance to go back to work or just time to take a time out for themselves.

Just as with any new changes in life, your loved one may be resistant at first to participate – be patient. Give them the chance to grow in their new surroundings before deciding this may not be the best option for either of you. Click on the link below to visit our community partner, Nevada Senior Services, website for more information on adult day services and other helpful resources.