Preventing Hospital Admissions

If you or a loved-one are faced with a life-limiting illness you may find yourself making frequent visits to the hospital. This can not only become costly, but tiresome. Whether you yourself are making these hospital trips or it’s a family member you’re looking after, there are key things you can do in preventing these hospital readmissions from happening.

Before you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, the first time, be vocal in how you are physically feeling. If you’re not “better” or still are experiencing issues-say something to the doctor before you are released. Be sure you are clear on discharge orders and when you need to see your physician next, these follow-up appointments play an important role in keeping you from going back to the hospital. Knowing your medications and taking them properly prevent hospital readmission too.

Written instructions on what to do, when appointments , and how to properly take medications will help you stay on track when arriving home. Have a family member or friend there with you to gather information before you’re discharged-they can help you remember important information and remind you of anything you may forget later on. On the way home, stop and get your prescriptions filled, doing this promptly allows for little delay in starting your new regimen.

If appropriate you may want to consider home health, PCA (Personal Care Attendant), or home hospice services. All three of these programs can help assist you in your home and help you stay there. To learn more about these service or CompassionCare, call us today. 702-636-0200